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His dad wasn't his dad

His "dad" arrived in the United States from Italy in 1900.  Three years later, his mom arrived, pregnant, with him... 


"Roots: Everyone has a story." is my way of documenting the stories that make up my family's history. 


So many times, people focus on gathering facts about their ancestors, but never bother to gather the stories.  Whether they're first-hand stories that have been passed down through the years, or stories that I've assembled from newspaper research, my goal is to explain my family's history in a way that makes it fun, exciting and digestible. 


It's important to me to fill in the stories that often make up the "dash".  You know, the dash, or hyphen, that lives between someones birth and death dates on their headstone?  That "dash" represents all the living that our ancestors did.  They weren't always old; they were kids who played outside, teens and twenty-somethings that fell in love and friends to others who liked to get together and socialize.  This is my effort to document their lives in a way that lets us get to know them on a deeper level. 


A first of its kind family history podcast where the guests are everyday family researchers.  

You'll hear from my family, friends, and people I've never met, but no matter who the guest is, I can promise you that their stories will be interesting. 

Check back later this year for an update! 

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No matter when they lived, they all have a story to be told.

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In the first part of this new series, join me as I blog about the chase to find my maternal great-great-grandparents, William Paul & his wife, Mary Ann Jemima Clive, who both, quite literally, seem to have vanished from history... Or did they? 

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In March 2020, I was interviewed by Drew Smith, the host of the Genealogy Connection podcast, and one of the co-hosts of the longest-running genealogy podcasts, The Genealogy Guys.  Click below to listen to my interview.

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