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eCommerce Merchandising

September 2016 - January 2020

Senior Manager,

Digital Ancillary Revenue & Mobile App Lead

January 2020 - May 2022

Key Accomplishments:

Created and implemented the organization’s first ancillary-first strategy across digital and non-digital channels, resulting in more than $50M in incremental (net new) revenue annually.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Grew share of $2 billion direct digital business to over 40% of total company revenue in Americas region by executing a successful digital transformation strategy, focusing on incremental conversion improvements gathered through successful test and learn efforts.

  • Personally rewrote all website ancillary product copy using a natural language approach, which increased product take-rates from 2% to 15%.

  • Generated  $100M in annual ancillary revenue by utilizing behavioral merchandising, personalization, various email tactics, and more.

  • Led the Mobile App Team (20 people), guiding the formulation of a comprehensive B2B and B2C strategy, from wireframes to launch.

  • Presented in ABG’s monthly 'Executive Ancillary Steering Committee' meetings, delivering presentations to the CEO and leadership team.

  • Promoted in 2020 after successfully managing all on-site merchandising efforts, contributing to over $100M in revenue over a 4-year span.

  • Created, designed, managed, and presented monthly Marketing KPI Scorecards containing more than 130 metrics, used by hundreds of employees throughout the organization.

  • Mentored and taught many colleagues various ways to successfully show and present complicated data sets in a way that made the data easily digestible. Was considered one of the organization's most unique Excel users, using a 'design-first' approach to showcase data.

About My Role

I joined Avis in 2016 to lead their on-site merchandising efforts. As time went on, I quickly found myself leading their behavioral merchandising, meaning banners that only appeared when visitors would take certain, very specific, actions. That led to being asked by senior leadership to lead a new "ancillary-first" initiative, which quickly had me presenting to our CEO and senior leadership team, and being the go-to person for anything related to ancillary products and how the company sold them.


Examples of various banners that I designed, then tested, and ultimately had implemented on the brand websites. Avis and Budget are still using these banners today.


This experience was a B2B & B2C popup that appeared when Avis customers were looking to create a reservation and pickup the car with 3 hours of reserving. I designed the experience, which was tested in 2019 and implemented after testing showed incredibly positive results.

Professional Recommendations


Keith Swiderski

My Direct Supervisor

I had the pleasure of working with Michael at two different companies, first as a colleague and later, I had the opportunity to hire him to work on my team. Michael is a rare talent with an exceptional blend of mathematical acumen and presentation skills. His ability to dissect complex problems and devise effective solutions is truly remarkable.

Michael's passion for problem-solving is only matched by his drive to grow revenue. He consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of our business objectives and was instrumental in driving our team towards those goals. His contributions played a significant role in our team's success.

Beyond his professional skills, Michael's friendly and easy-going nature made him a joy to work with. He has this unique ability to brighten everyone's day with his positivity and infectious smile. His presence in the office always created a positive and energetic environment.

In summary, Michael is a valuable asset to any team with his combination of technical skills, business sense, and positive attitude. I wholeheartedly recommend him for any endeavor he chooses to pursue.


Lisa LaFord-Rovan

Agency Partner

Mike embodies the rare blend of genuine humanity and consummate professionalism. Throughout our longstanding collaboration, he evolved from a client to a friend, an ally, and a source of inspiration. His presence alone motivated our agency team to excel. As a guiding force in digital transformation, Mike's consistent direction and constructive feedback was invaluable, always ensuring that each team member felt valued. His agility in tailoring his approach to individuals, coupled with an emotional intelligence that is second to none, sets a standard we all should emulate. Mike is not just a colleague who makes a lasting impression; he is an example to which we all aspire. Without a doubt, he is the quintessential team player, elevating any group he joins.

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