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Professional CV

A versatile digital marketing leader with a varied background spanning the hospitality, travel, product design, and education sectors.


Implements a blend of analytical and creative strategies and demonstrates a remarkable skill in crafting compelling narratives using intricate data, leading to actionable insights and precise website optimizations that result in direct and measurable revenue.


Committed to staying at the forefront of industry trends, ensuring effective and innovative digital marketing strategies.

Michael Scozzari.jpg

I had the pleasure to work for Mike as a Marketing Content Manager during his 1.5 years as the Director of Digital Experience at Flatiron School. When I say that Mike is the best boss I’ve ever had, I’m not exaggerating. It’s a rare thing in a supervisor to combine both the macro vision to develop and execute effective strategy, while still having the skills to get “in the trenches” so to speak on just about any project that came our team’s way. Whether it was spitballing copy, redesigning a web page, or something in between, Mike was ready to support me in any way he could - whether I just needed feedback, or help in crafting the final product. 


What’s more, he is a genuine leader in the truest sense of the word. No matter what was happening in the greater company or the downward pressure from leadership, he worked to keep our team positive and maintain a low-pressure environment in which we felt confident to explore, iterate, and grow. He is a champion, a mentor, and an all-around great guy. I hope I get to work with him again one day!


2007 2010
Logistics Coordinator


2010 2012


eCommerce Store Operations



2012 2015

Online Retailing

2015  2016

Senior Manger,

Digital Brand

Marketing & Strategy



2016 2020

eCommerce Merchandising

2020  2022

Senior Manger,

Digital Ancillary Revenue &

Mobile App Lead


2022  Present

Digital Experience

2022 Present
Director, Digital Experience
Flatiron School
100% Remote

Career Timeline

Oversaw the development and implementation of a cohesive digital strategy aimed at increasing top-of-funnel applications. The primary focus was driving B2C applications and nurturing B2B leads.


Key highlights in this role:

  • Increased YOY Qualified Consumer Application Rate by roughly 60 applications per month, which led to an overall revenue increase of 30% ($9M) by executing a holistic website strategy.

  • Decreased website bounce rate to less than 50% (a company first) by implementing dozens of UX-improvements.

  • Created and implemented the organizations first sprint planning process by utilizing boards for all key stakeholders, a process that greatly improved productivity for multiple teams.

  • This role encompassed a thorough revamp of the website and a complete rebranding with each step strategically synchronized with business objectives, involving coordinated efforts across various channels including blog  posts, B2B and B2C Email Marketing, Social Media Campaigns, Digital Development, A/B Testing, SEO, and Graphic Design.

2016 2022
Senior Manager, Ancillary Revenue & Mobile App Lead
Avis Budget Group
Parsippany, NJ
➝ 100% Remote

Developed an all-encompassing digital ancillary strategy, ensuring a central emphasis on ancillary revenue across all channels, both digital and non-digital. Acted as the organization’s “go-to” ancillary person, while driving the business’s goals of Ancillary Revenue and Ancillary Penetration Rate, which exceeded $50M a year in incremental revenue.


Key highlights in this role:

  • Utilized behavioral merchandising, personalization, multivariate testing, and varied email tactics, leading to an annual increment of over $50M in revenue.

  • Promoted after successfully managing all on-site merchandising efforts, which drove more than $100M in incremental revenue.

  • After being promoted in 2020, led the Mobile App Team (20 people), guiding the formulation of a comprehensive strategy covering improved user experience, increased penetration rates, heightened awareness, and enhanced NPS scores.

  • Led and represented the Marketing Team in monthly Executive Ancillary Steering Committee meetings, delivering presentations to the entire organizational leadership team.

  • Created, designed, implemented, managed, and presented monthly KPI Scorecards, which contained more than 130 metrics that the Marketing Team & SLT reviewed on a monthly basis.

2012 2016
Senior Manager, Digital Brand Marketing & Strategy
Wyndham Hotel Group
Parsippany, NJ

Managed the day-to-day North American digital marketing strategy for 8 hotel websites in order to generate revenue, maximize conversion rate, increase room nights, and grow consumer engagement utilizing all direct channels.


Key highlights in this role:

  • Chosen by Senior Leadership as a “Power User” of both Adobe Analytics and MicroStrategy. This included being part of a special steering committee involving all three Wyndham Worldwide business units, which granted special access to new tools, reports, and a leadership role that helped standardize Wyndham Worldwide’s analytics practices.

  • Developed and implemented the Digital Release Spring Schedule, which set clear deadlines and expectations for all key stakeholders looking to publish content or campaigns on the brand websites.

  • Designed, developed, and implemented all Digital Brand Marketing reporting dashboards using Microsoft Excel’s plugin for Adobe Analytics, as well as data from MicroStrategy, to give a holistic of at campaign & rate plan performances for any brand website.

2007 2012
Manager, eCommerce Store Operations
New York, NY

Led the organization’s eCommerce efforts by developing the complete product marketing strategy and online promotional calendar, while also managing the Customer Care and Sample departments.


Key highlights in this role:

  • Designed and created a 29-page eCommerce Report that was distributed to company senior leadership each month and used in key inventory decisions including purchasing and expanding product SKUs.

  • Implemented new processes and technology that streamlined the order processing time and saved the company more than $10,000 per year in salary and technology costs.

  • Aggregated the company’s entire seven-year history of online purchases and created a holistic view that allowed leadership to easily understand seasonality and key consumer demand periods.

  • Maintained all back-end components of the website including item codes, prices, suggested products, SEO copy, customer orders, inventory allocation, and more.

Core Competencies

Leadership Skills

Analytic Storytelling, Data Analysis, Data Presentation, Digital Strategy, Revenue Generation, Stakeholder Management, Team Leadership

Marketing Skills

A/B Testing, Behavioral Merchandising, Brand Marketing, Copywriting, Data Analysis, Data Presentation, Digital Merchandising, eCommerce, Email Marketing, Graphic Design, Online Merchandising, Multivariate Testing, Product Marketing, Retail Merchandising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), User Experience (UX), Website Design

System Skills

Adobe Analytics, Canva, Google Analytics, Microsoft Office,, SEMRush, WordPress

Community Involvement

Baseball Coach  Jefferson Lightning

Since 2018, I have been a baseball coach for both our town's recreation department, as well as our travel team, the Jefferson Lightning.

Softball Coach  Jefferson Girls Softball

In 2022, I began coaching girls softball, with girls in grades 1 and 2.

Board of Directors Vice President  Liv Like A Unicorn

From 2020 to 2023, I served as the Vice President for Liv Like A Unicorn, a pediatric cancer non-profit foundation. I handled everything digital, as well as all graphic design needs and clothing/apparel designs.

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