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Based in northern New Jersey, Scozzari Woodworking  is the place to go when you're looking for a custom sign, piece of furniture or home decor items.  With the highest attention to detail that yields a beautiful homemade feel, my clients are continually satisfied with each and every item I create.  

I take custom orders, too.  If you have an idea that you need help bringing over the finish line, please be sure to contact me today!  


Custom furniture is a great way to fill in any space and get just the right look and fit.  Whether it's a table made to fit in a specific spot, or a photo shelf to spruce up an otherwise blank wall, custom pieces will bring the perfect look to your home.

Interested in a custom piece?  Contact me today.

Upcycling Old Furniture

As the father of two children who are no longer in cribs, we got to a point where it was time to dispose of certain parts of their cribs.  As I carried the front and side pieces from their cribs out to the street for garbage, I thought, "What if I make something from these?", and my idea was born:  Crib Tables.

The beauty of these pieces is that no two are the same.  The design of these tables is completely dictated by what pieces are usable from the crib.  In the pictures here, you'll how the front and sides of the cribs were turned into tables that my children can now take with them when they are grown... if they want to. :) 





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